From the early days of 4,000 BC, when roads were paved manually with only stone at Ur in modern-day Iraq, to the current excellent rideability of modern asphalt roads, mechanization through asphalt mixing plants has been playing an important role in producing good quality asphalt hot-mix. Linnhoff has an active role in this process.

Eduard Linnhoff was born in August 1890, in Bochum in the middle of the Ruhrgebiet, the German industrial centre where the industrialization of Germany began in the earlier part of the 19th century. During World War I, he joined the navy and was an engineer responsible for steam engines on the battleship "König Albert".

Directly after the war ended in 1919, Eduard Linnhoff founded the company Eduard Linnhoff Maschinenfabrik in Tempelhof, Berlin, near the airport. Right from the beginning, Linnhoff produced road construction machinery such as asphalt cookers, asphalt sprayers and asphalt plants.

The 30’s saw the company’s tremendous growth due to the involvement of German Autobahn project which started at that time. And until the World War II, the company had 1,200 employees and was one of the leading European manufacturers of construction machinery.

Linnhoff built a branch in the early 50's in Northeim, south of Hannover, as Berlin was then an “island” surrounded by the Russian-governed East Germany. In the 60's, Linnhoff had 800 employees in Berlin and 600 employees in Northeim.

In the 60’s, the Screen Drum concept for Asphalt Plants was invented by Linnhoff, together with the renowned German road contractor Heilit & Wörner. This unique technology serves to eliminate the use of Hot Elevator and Vibrating Screens commonly found in a conventional asphalt batching plant. This technology functions drying and screening processes of the aggregate minerals within the same screen drum. This concept not only reduces the plant maintenance cost but the fuel consumption as well. The benefit for the asphalt plant users is a lower operating cost.

Eduard Linnhoff passed away in 1967 and his son, Fritz Linnhoff, and his son-in-law, Kurt Thesenfitz, ran the company from then onwards. In August 1970, Klaus Thesenfitz, the grandson of Eduard Linnhoff, took over the company and renamed it Linnhoff & Thesenfitz.

In 1984, Linnhoff & Thesenfitz took over the Singapore factory of Wibau, a well-known manufacturer of asphalt plants at that time. From then on, the Screen Drum was introduced to Asia Pacific region and a success story in Asia began. Linnhoff plants have been involved in a number of projects for highways, ports, airport runways, pavement rehabilitations, road overlays, etc.

Besides the established brand name of LINNHOFF Asphalt Plants in Asia Pacific, Klaus Thesenfitz changed the company name from Linnhoff & Thesenfitz to LINTEC in 1988, producing the first Asphalt Plant in 100% ISO sea containers for the worldwide market. Containerized Asphalt Plant gives an extraordinary advantage in installation time, shipping costs and environmental protection.

Linnhoff Technologies, based in Singapore, covers the Asia-Pacific and Africa regions. Linnhoff Technologies produces a whole range of asphalt plants and its ancillary equipments, i.e., Mobile Asphalt Plant, CompactMix Asphalt Plant, TransitMix Asphalt Plant, Hot Recycling Plant, Tower Asphalt Plant, and Base Stabilization Plant, together with LINTEC's Containerized Asphalt Plants.

With over 600 asphalt plants operating in Asia, Linnhoff Technologies is serving its vast infrastructure development. Since its inception, Linnhoff has been making in-roads to all corners of the world, contributing to the infrastructure of connectivity on land.




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